Since the true final and real battle as of the New Cronitcles episode to start off season 14 of the cannon series and the upcoming Kingdom Hearts 3, The Louge and Kairi have been freed from the true evils of Malefor and Xehanort combind. But Kolwalski, Izzy, Jimmy, Tucker and Sandy are still curious about the mysteries and secrets of the Great Cycle other then what Xehanort reveiled, other then the book of predictions, there's very little to absolutely no knowledge of the Great Cycle. Spyro offers to help them, by taking them to the cronicler. the Cronicler was, relucent, but was finally persaied to reveil the dark former intention of the great cycle: as a fail safe for the united universe for the divines themselfs if Chernibog wasn't so easily stopped, and only if Yin Sid wasn't able to convince the divines that there can still be hope. But Yin Sid was able to do such, making him an even greater hero then what was reveiled.