Well evreything and the UU is going back to normal due to Spyro and Spongebob requesting the Amoral Empire to Alter Anti-Kairi from exsistance thuse allowing Malefor to regain his darkspawn status and return to the Banish realms before declining their leadership with the Amoral Empire and the birth of The Louge-O-Tron Amoral. So pretty much, everyone in the UU back to do what they do best: The villains who do what they do best, be villains, as do the heroes who will do what they do best, be heroes. So life, has basicly returned to normal, but things are gonna be diffrent now that the Louge-O-Tron Amoral is incharge of the Amoral Empire.

Remember when we learn of the Mane 5's tragic histories with that illegal pony slavery operation, run by Stormtrolli, that near-Giant-like Cave Troll verson of Stromboli, and A Nigel the Cockatoo near imitator Griffin who's incredably volient and scary named Mr. Lawerence, aided by a trio of Hobgoblins named Chuck, Bluck, and Muck, and how Celestia a speical group of her finest elite to put a stop to those jerks, brought them to justice, and save all of the ponies from abuseive slavery? Well those slave obssessed monsters are back and are out for revenge on  Rainbow Dash, Pinkie Pie, Applejack, Rarity and even poor Fluttershy as well as Celestia and her elite group. With the unpleasent memories of what happened back in the events of The Hidden Histories of 5 of the Main 6. coming back. The poor mane 5 are to scared and fragle to face their demons from the past again. So Spyro, Kairi, Spongebob, Twilight, Spike the Lost Elements of Harmony and a selected group of lougers set out to deal with Stromtrolli, Lawerence, Chuck, Bluck and Muck while Celestia and her elite group evacuate the mane 5 to keep them out of harm's way. But before the conflict endures, Spyros calls upon the Amoral Empire to help them who they and The Louge-O-Tron Amoral have no intention of letting Stromtrolli and his lackies cheat their way to get what they want. 

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