With the sucess of the Omicron video games, Jimmy Neutron, Tucker, Izzy, and Kowalski have desided to work together to create a new additon to the Pixotron console. This time this new virtual reality video game is going to be medieval-fantasy based where the player becomes a knight of old, a fantasy creature and a magical being, go on thrilling quests, uphold peace and justice to the kingdom of Lougidor, save pretty damles, battle monsters and dark forces. This time, this video game requires 9 players, so SpongeBob, Patrick, Sandy, Danny, Jimmy, Timmy, Sam, Tai and Matt play and transform into their Shell Louger Knights Avatars. however, the game has a glicth..... A Glitch Monster that is. A Villain that looks like the Phantom Virus in a lab coat with coloring that looks like glitch colors called The Phantom Glitch/Error/.com was a former originally planned villain for the very first Omicon game until something strange happened to the character file and Sandy since had to delete it. everything about him is glicthed. His voice is desorted and often times he speaks another languise or random nonsensical words, repeats what he said before, flashes out, limbs fling about for no reason, colors change all the time, and sometimes the Windows error sound is heard everytime he freezes! he threatens to destroy the game for just being here, and all of the game glicthes out of control and is destroying the game! The 9 players set off on a quest to save Shell Louge Knights, defeat The Phantom Glitch and cast his threat out of Lougidor so everyone can enjoy their new reality game in peace.