Script # 1 The Boys' Night out at Goofy GoobersEdit

  • Marty: So this is what I realized, if we were able to travel across many diffrent worlds in diffrent worlds, battled the forces of evil and rase a young nice princess of heart, man we can do anything. No doubt about it. Hey, you guys know what I'm thinking?
  • Alex: What Marty?
  • Marty: I could be one crack-a-lackin' stallion. Or I could work the Crusades circuit or even join the Avengers if I wanted too. Heck, I could even be one of those crack-a-lackin' horses that pulls those massive wagons full of beer.
  • (Something for Scroop to write if you want to help me with this. After all working on my scripts is part of my 2014 to-do list)

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