is Spyro's adventurous, intelligent ancestor who is the first EVER purple dragon to ever walk the earth who will appear in the fanfiction story SpongeBob, Spyro and Friends go to the Ice Age where Spyro cross paths with him while he, Kairi and a selected group of lougers end up in the paleolithic ice age and encounter Manny, his friends and family. Like Spyro, the first element he mastered was fire when he tried to make a fire the caveman way, then came ice, electricty, earth, water, wind and other abilites his kin and fellow magical creatures none thought possible which made him a great survivor in the Ice Age along whith his Dragonfly friend Spa-arks and is eager to learn new things like kung fu when he first witnessed Spyro doing it after he promises Spyro to help him and his friends who had been seperated survive with Manny a bit wary of him at first. His only enemies are Siri the Prehistoric Leopard who hunts human children/teenagers and Mal-gar, a gigantic dragon who is so big and very intimidating that he would kill any dragon and magical creature who dare defie and betray him. Spy-gro lost his sister-like human friend, Kai and his mate Cinder to this monster by drowning them in tar. Now he and Spa-arks are on their own. Manny soon begins to have a change of heart when he soon finds out that he and Spy-gro have much in common: their past families. 


Spy-gro looks a bit like Spyro but the diffrence is he is a bit musclar and has the strength of 10 Neanderthal Cavemen. He has dark purple scales, the same horns wings, spines and tail end as Spyro. The other diffrence is that he stands up right like a human dose and carries a staff to help him control and bend his powers, a spear, bow and arrow for when he hunts. He also wears a tooth necklace around his neck. ( Image is requested Msm).  


Coming Soon...

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