After traveling to the past back in SpongeBob, Spyro and Friends go to the Ice Age, Timmy, Danny, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Sam, Tucker, Spyro, Sparx, and Kairi deside to use Jimmy's Time Machine  to see what their future will be like. When they get there they see that their future is going to be an era of peace for good, because the louge have cracked down hard on oc villainy which forced them to surender and hold up their white flags while the villain teams despanded because they have finally givin up their ambitions for universe domination. The future lougers have become more famous then ever for making crime, evil and villainy disappear overnight and are in retirement from being heroes while Future Spongebob becomes a Senitor ruling the united universe with an iron fist but a fair gentle hand. However, there's being sudden appearences in Present day of a sir hiss look-a-like called simply as The Bowler Hat Snake, real name, Slitering Skalington. In his past, he was a small child with a tragic past, because of his father was an unnamed crime boss villain that did had some heart, and was prosicuted too harshly during his time, he was tragicly broken, and hated the shell louge squad for what they done. So, with help from a malcious robot bowler hat of Future Kolwalski's invention named Jessica, they plan to go back in time, united the villain teams, even Team Nefarious togather, and destroy the goverment of the present just to prevent the downfall of his father (and to humiliate Spongebob for the twat that he is) and he pulls this off after tricking Jimmy neutron into repairing an exspearimental invention of his called the Memory restore unit and secretly gets him to reprogram it instead into a mind control device and he gives it to the villain teams to use to dismantle the united universe goverment and the galactic federation. But little do both our heroes and Slitering know that once his villainous plan was carried out, Jessica is going to get rid of him and turn the Louge's future into one ruled by robotic bowler hats putting both heroes and villains alike under their control. Can Spyro, Sparx, Kairi and the Nicktoons undo the damage Jessica has done by having Past Kolwaski promise to never invent her, prevent Slitering from making his biggest mistake by giving him some lessons about what messing with time will do from their adventures in the Spyro Generations Episodes and intoduce him to his father, Frances le Flour as well as his uncle Sir Hiss (there is a reason why Slitering and Frances are related to Hiss) with some help from Father Time, Saldaron and Taldaron while meeting Future Sora and Kairi's daughter and Future Spyro and Cynder's son who are the next generation of dragon and human bonded siblings and lougers in the progress?