Script # 1: Fagin's proposal to Kairi....Nah, not Really and Kairi's Choice.Edit

  • Icky: Hey, whats with Ol Faggy?
  • Fagin: (Singing) It's tough at the top, I deserve a...companion, a mate, Who will cylinder's firing with fervor (To Kairi) And you, my sweet thing, fit the part!
  • Kairi: What did you just say?
  • Faign: Being a darkspawn  alone is a sad situation indeed, but a darkspawn without heirs nor a family? Now that's a tragedy...
  • Cynder: You cannot be serious, Fagin.
  • Fagin: I've never been more serious, your former majesty. (To Kairi) And now, Dear Kairi, be prepared for a stunning proposal! That darkspawn power and radiant beauty shall bond! Which cannot but fail to insure ties of hail to! A chief and his consort, a synaqua monsel! Ruling ascendants, our line of descendants! Will flow through the leage and beyond!
  • Mirage: Fagin!
  • Fagin paid no mind.
Old version of "Be Prepared", Scar wants Nala as his Queen Deleted Scene FullHD 1080p05:09

Old version of "Be Prepared", Scar wants Nala as his Queen Deleted Scene FullHD 1080p


  • But Cynder stood between Kairi and Fagin and let out a fear blast at him.
  • Fagan: (Laughs) Oh, Cynder, Cynder, Cynder. You know Kairi really has no choice. One way or another, I always get what I want.
  • Karzar: My Lady, shall we prepare the feast?
  • Mirage: "Give me a moment to, settle something first.
  • Karzar: By all means, your highness.
  • Mirage: Leagers and Wildebeest who would soon be carnivores, before we begin the ritual, bare witness to a diffacult choose our guest of honor, The Princess of Heart will have to make.
  • (To Be continued...)

Script # 2: Twilight and Spike's DiversionEdit

(Coming Soon....)

Script # 3: Spyro's group Encounter Cloak and CamelEdit

(Coming Soon....)

Script # 4: The Shocking Truth and the Conflict: Spyro and Samson vs Kazar and Kairi vs Cobra Edit

(Coming Soon....)

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