Set after the United Under Hatred 4 were forced into hiding after Spe-ron got out of his crippling inconvinence from his setbacks in The New Spyro and Kairi Vengence Seekers: A New Threat On The Block and The Battle for the Dragon Realms, Spyro, Kairi and company are in the surprise of their lives when Shifu's ex-girlfriend, Mei Ling visits the Dragon Temple. alcourse, since certain events from the canon episode of Legends of Awesomeness, Shifu is vastly uninterested to accept an honest to truth Mei Ling's vows to repent for her sins. However none of the lougers have realized it, but Mei Ling is in cahoots with Spe-ron and the United Under Hatred 4 whom they hired to soil Spyro's name by doing the same trick she pulled on Po and the Gang using the Zhou Deng Soul Gem to swhich bodies with Spyro and have him rob an Imperial Army convoy transporting precious jewels and gold which would damage both Spyro's good name and honor scoring big for Spe-ron and the UUH4. With the Imperial Army of China convinced that Spyro is now a traitor and now seek to hunt him down, Shifu, Po, The Five, Kairi, Shen and a selected group of lougers are in a race against time to convince the Emperor of Mei Ling's treachery to clear Spyro's name. However, Spyro, being this abnormally forgiving dragon, sees Mei Ling as nothing more then a misguided soul just trying to re-earn the love of Shifu, and the real villains are Spe-Ron and his band of idiots using her as a tool for their predicable plans for vengence, intents to prove to Mei Ling that her path of what she's doing will make her no better then the UUH4, and that love shouldn't be gain through damaging someone's reputation to change their hearts, it's your own heart that must change and understand what is truely right, and done so, love is so easily attitived.

(This is what Spyro and Friends will sing when they learn about Shifu and Mei Ling's relationship)

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