With Fu Ju's demise thanks to the power of the Sacred Crystal of the Heavens, there has been bad news and good news for the aftermath. The Bad News is that Ke-Pa is still king of the Chinese Underworld while the villain teams are still united under the leage's banner, The Good News is that there isent any current established villain team and oc villain activity for the time being. The Louge desides to send a stressed Spyro who has been working so hard ever since the Villain Team Trinity War madness and Ke-pa's shocking return on a little private vacation with Sparx tagging along while Kairi dose the same with her royal Princess of Radiant Garden duties. The trio deside to pay Destiny Islands a vist and see how Mareina, Prince Derek, their daughter and the inhabitants of Ham Dam Island are doing since the last time they saw them. However, relaxsation will be breif and on hold for a while due to the awakening of a leviathan that awakened from the destruction of it's home thanks to reckless aliens, and it goes out of it's way to rampage and destroy the aliens for what became of it's home. Now Spyro, Kairi, Sparx and their Destiny Island Friends must work together to save the aliens from their demise and find the leviathan a new home.