Preqel to Glowrod's Usurp of the United Under Hatred 4. Monkey's criminal brother, Wu Kong has returned. This time he's been hired by Spe-Ron and the United Under Hatred 4 in it's last moments before Dr. Glowrod's new plans for it to soil Spyro's good name which includes tearing his world apart, getting him kicked out of the louge and send him to jail by robbing the villagers of the Valley of Peace and the citizens of the Dragon Realm's version of New York and frame Spyro for the hiests although Monkey is still determined to keep his promise to his dead mother, but is now moraly conflicted that he'll let a great hero like Spyro be forever damned and shunned as a villain he never was, and be made to pay Wu Kong's debt. Po finally convinced Monkey that he would betray his mother more if he allowed his misguided brother and Spe-Ron destroy Spyro's legacy, ruin the lougers' credibility, everyone's fate in the lougers, and worse of all, Spe-Ron will start being treated like a hero when people began to forget that he commited crimes before, and this would lead even the relucent Qui to be forced to force the lougers into making Spe-Ron a new member of the louge. Now Monkey and Po are out to force Wu to admit everything, including that it was Spe-Ron who made him frame Spyro and commited the crimes and clear Spyro's name.

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