Since losing in a race to Rainbow Dash in An All-Out French Experience with Gary, Spyro while still being Kairi's dragon has been training physically fit as Rainbow Dash cause Taiku mentioned that he had become a contender for The Equestrian Flyer's Championship Games for the Wonderbolts have kept every good Flyer's results filed. The Flyer with the best results and preformance in the Games will be winner. So Spyro is ready to take Rainbow Dash one-on-one. However, he lost pitifully, again. Spyro angerly demanded a rematch and, scared the Wonderbolts into doing so. Spyro becomes desperate. Suddenly, a shady Griffin named I. L. Legel, I being an itnitsale fo Ignitious, offers Spyro a spiecal brand of drug that'll improve his speed called Speed-riods. Spyro, who couldent resist the offer due to becoming stupidly desperate, takes it. however, When Spyro got tested for illegel drugs BEFORE THE RACE EVEN STARTED, he got banned from parpisipating to any race ever again in the future, and Rainbow Dash was made an all time winner! Spyro goes insane with anger from the drug and now threatens to destroy Cloudsdale under the influence of the illlegel drug. Now Rainbow Dash, Spongebob, Danny, The Dragon Gang, The Wonderbolts and a cerain geko friend of Bill's with a past bad experience with drugs epecally the super power giving kind from a certain villain team must save Cloudsdale and Spyro from himself, see that I.L. Legel has a date with comuppence while teaching Spyro that the Drug mess could have been avoided if he'd just come to Hiccup and the Dragon Crew for speed training from the very begining. But more impourently, would he FINALLY learn that just because he's the purple dragon, doesn't mean he HAS to be good at EVERYTHING? cause yeah, i think this whole "Spyro wants to beat Rainbow Dash in a race" thing is started to get old!