When the Spyro's Group of Lougers, Team Sonic and the Winx Club arrive in London after the events of Spyro, Sonic and Friends meet Winx Club Season 1, They Find that Kairi is helping Granny raise enough money to save a nearby children's park by making a wager to Colonel Rimfire who's beliefs that cats are the most intelligent animals on the planet (after his many plans were foiled by Cool Cat) that Spyro and Tweety can fly around the world in 80 days, collecting the pawprints of 80 cats in the process. Sylvester, still hoping to make Tweety his personal snack, is incensed at the thought of some other cat getting the little bird first and vows to follow Tweety around the world and catch the canary himself. Pluse the Villain Leage and the Syndicate of Darkness will follow Spyro's group around the globe every step of the way to get even with them. Pluse Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and all of their Loonie Tune Friends will reunite with Spyro and will be the louges companions on their around the world in 80 day trip.