When the louge are visited by Crane's mother inviting Crane, the shell lougers, and Spyro to their family reunion, Spyro agrees to to go with Crane to meet the other members of Crane's family, loyal to the duties of Kung Fu, Have buisnesses in the outside world, good or evil. However, sadly, evil's not the one to take a holiday. A clan of assassins named The Xui Xin Cutthroats would agree. They want their black arts death dagger of life destroying back, when Oogway, the Original Jade Palace Masters, Tyro and his Friends stolen it after defeating the ansister of their modern leader: Xin Soa Mao, a ruthless Goanna Monitor Lizard that'll stop at nothing in finally honoring and redeem his ansister's mistake, and not even the purple dragon would deter him...... However, if a purple dragon wouldn't deter him, maybe a pissed off Crane of the Furious 5 will when those goannas' fighting causes Crane's mother's fragle heart to ach, and pushed the line in threating her life directly. Threatening to crash the Crane clan's reunion was one thing, but a threat on taking the life of Crane's fragle mother has really crossed the line! Spyro, the other lougers (all of them) who came to cater the reunion, Crane, Kevin (Qu Dan), Oily Joe, a now reformed Yan Hu (After the louge saved his life from Qu Su back in Yan Hu's inervention) and other members of the crane clan must work together to put Xin Soa Mao down, destroy the black arts dagger and put the other Xui Xin Cutthroats members in their place while preventing the death of Crane's mother at the hands of bloodshed, brutality and violence. Not to meantion, an unexpected surprise when Qin When from the Canon Episode the ice crane comes in and helps out Crane and the clan! after all, family is family.

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