(First of six Sequels to Tai's gambling addiction)

Set after the events of the cannon episode Tai's gambling addiction, its been a feiw months Tai has pomised never to touch a slot, pay a game of poker and blackjack as well as doing ANYTHING in a casino again untill his majure enouge. So the Lougers think Tai's gambling day's are done right? Well they better thing again, cause an oc version of Tai named Prince Aitchi, A wealthy human prince of Destiny Islands as well as the crowned king of every casino in the UU has heard of Tai winning 90000 grand from his previous gamble streak and desides to challenge him to a game of blackjack in the Dragon Realm's version of Las Vegas. If Aitchi wins, then he will ask Kairi's hand in marrige as well as paying for the wedding turning the Temple into his own casino, but if Tai wins, then Aitchi would have to leave the Temple and the lougers in peace. Tai returning to his winning at gambling streak is the least of their problems, Simon and Pambuu (Who are still up to their old olly con-artist shinanigans after the events of Pegesi Ponies, Lemurs and Uniting Nations of Hippos and Giraffes, Oh My!) now work for Aitchi as his gamble loving advisors who will help Aitchi cheat and make Kairi his bride-to-be as well as the Temple his new casino empire if the his and Kairi's wedding becomes a reality. Can Spongebob, Patrick, Spyro, Sparx, Icky, Iago, Sam, Max, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa who are still on to Simon and Pambuu help Tai win the blackjack game as well as finding his own poker face? Well, so much for being done with Gambling.