With Pred, the Sisters, Hidden Shadow and Zred  still in the monsitery making good progress of being cured of their  predjudsal and misguided mental scars and beliefs thanks to Cadence and Tyro's efforts while the Mystic Kung Fu Smiths are still busy working on Equestria's dragons and non-pony creature nations own elements of harmony in their workshops, Taiku desides to take Spyro and some of the boy lougers as well as some of the Mu Gang's guys on a little trip to the Dragon Realm's version of Bankok to take his mind off of Baku's vengence seeking madness and the existance of Malevolent Flames and Malcontent Spark. But Tai is about to get his gambling wining streak back on since Bankok is a gambler's paradise. to worse it off, a nortorious all-time winner and Mob Boss Godfather Luckadino, a dragon mob boss,  has challnaged Tai for everything he owns, and even for the deed to the dragon temple. As things begin to look bleak, Prince Aitchi arrives to save the day. Godfather Luckandio is about to get more then he bargined for and bite more then he could chew now that Aitchi and Tai are working together to save Tai's gambling wining streak and the Dragon Temple Deed.