Spongebob and all of the guy lougers deside to go on a guys trap to The Dragon Realm's version of Niagra Falls while the girls take care of any problems incase any established or oc super-villain has fulley recovered from the Fu Ju mess. While staying at a casino resort, it draws yet another gambling wining attention to Tai since he is still a popular celebirty from The Richest Digidestiend in the Louge. He is been challnaged by alot in a game of poker and mostly every casino game, and Tai won. However, there is one who is an equil match to Tai, an all-time winning champion that wins any game of poker, and has beaten the best of the best, and now soughts to beat Tai in poker. his name? Pokerface Jones. Icky,  Iago and the other guy lougers have desided to call on Prince Atichi who's staying at the same resort as the guys are yet again to help Tai beat this undefeated all-time winning champion at his own game.

(this is the theme)

Poker Face Lyrics04:01

Poker Face Lyrics


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