After the Mess with the Amoral Empire, Stromtrolli and his goons becoming the first new residents of the Realm of Oblivion and Kafar's plans for Twilight and Mang's Persona changing spell foiled, the louge and Kairi deside to go on a family vacation in the Dragon Realm's version of Atlantic City getting some R and R from the past events. That is, until Tai desides to go to the Digial realm when he heard a new casino by Vegimon who claims he reformed from the mess he caused back during Myotismon's reign of terror through the episodes he and DemiDevimon started in and opens a casino just for Tai to play in, now Tai is really ranking in the dollars, becoming rich. But what if one tragic mistake causes him to be indepted to Vegimon and the casino as a result especally after Tai obtains a mysterious tooth like amulet which he now wears as a lucky charm? This whole vacation is about to go Digital Realm casino style wild. Since the Louge know that Vegimon's true to his word about him being reformed from the mess Myotismon and DemiDevimon made him do, can they save his casino from the brink of bankruptcy and save Tai from himself as well as making him take his gambling more seriously?

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