Tyro has summoned Spyro, Kairi, The Kung Fu Panda Group and a selected group of lougers to the Jade Palace because Master Mugan has arrived. She has came for 2 reasons, to make amends for her actions in the Legends of Awesomeness episode to Tigress, and that Wu Yong helped her see the light, though she retrains her strict behavior. she is also seeking some keyblade weilding students for The Garnet Palace. When Either Aqua and Kairi became her choosen canidates, Terra and Ven agreed to become Master Mugan's keyblade students in their place which means they have to leave for the Garent Palace. However, a deranged Heartless controling maniac named Regreat has returned, thanks to what Xehanort done when the Great Cycle was a problem. now that Regreat is no longer imprisoned in Kingdom Hearts, now he is free to reak chaos and mayhem. Now Mugan sends Terra and Ven to put a stop to Regreat before he uses his evil heartless controlling powers to lay seige on the Garnet Palace.