Before Scroop came up with Lord Shen having a tragic exspearence with a space snail, an oc villainous Con-snake, his henchmen, a mysterious dark arts sorceress and the idea of snails having a negitive opinion by others, there was this original idea.

Spongebob has brought Gary to the Dragon Temple and puts Kairi incharge of him while he and Patrick are all set to leave for the jellyfishing convention in Ukelele Bottom while Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy abd Rarity vaction in Paris with Brandy and Mimi on an all expenses-paied shopping spree in france leaving The Cutie Mark Crusaders: Applebloom, Sweetiebelle and Scootaloo in Kairi's responsibility while the other lougers make renavations for the Snail Dome which is going to be Gary's new home in the Temple. At first Kairi is doing well feeding Gary for the last few days and looking after the cursaders. But when it's Gary's bath-time, which he doesn't want to take a bath. Kairi and the cursaders go through the same thing Spongebob did when he tried to make Gary take a bath. Meanwhile Chef Pierre Sailas, a french accent toad who runs a sucessful 5 star gourmet restaurant in Paris France aducts Gary hoping to turn him into the propular french snail eating delicacy escargot to impress a really scary food critic vulture named Count Vladamer launching an inraged Kairi, Applebloom, Sweetiebelle and Scootaloo on a high flying adventure across Europe to save Gary before Spongebob comes home from the convention.