With Spyro and Spongebob now incharge of the Amoral Empire, The Master Overlord,  The Suprime Parental Units and the Amoral Council begin to educate their new leaders on their tecnology and culture. Allthough given the power to undo the damage GD had created starting with Xehanort finding the book of predictions (But what happens to Xehanort then if there was no great cycle, and how else Cobra reforms, and what happens to Mirage if Sari Mai never happened? And about the events concerning the world destroying monsters? Would certain events still happen but have different results? See, this is why these things are uncanon.), The Darkspawn being history and Malefor getting the boot thanks to Anti-Kairi which lead to GD and SGD's corruption and obsession though the two were spared and forgiven at the end of Operation: Amoral Reprogram, Spyro and Spongebob are also given the ability to open The Gate to Oblivion, a gateway to a world called the Oblivion Realm just like the banish reams that the Amoral have created for villains that are banished from the UU forever and once they pass through it, they would never return. Once the Lougers and their friends go back to their own lives, Spyro and Spongebob are forever leaders and members of the Amoral Empire, one of them. But Spongebob and Spyro are unhappy with this. with the Amoral much more understanding, Spyro and Spongebob asked them to let them go back to being louger leaders again. They agreed with no arguement, but under the condition they find a wrothy Heir. With Kolwalski, Sandy, Izzy, Jimmy and Tucker's help, they creat the new Amoral ruler: The Louge-O-Tron Amoral. Alchorse, this would mean they would lose their Gate to Oblivion ability and the realm of the amoral would never open to them again due to a reasonable rule about mortals not allowed to avoid evil ones messing up established universes, but it's a wrothwhile sacrivice for Spongebob and Spyro. They want to stay clear from all that Amoral stuff for quite awhile now. But before Spyro and Spyro could finally continue their lives as the louge's proud leaders, The Amoral give them the ability to contact them incase they need some help punishing a future threat great or not with the gate to Oblivion. It is certain that the lougers and friends have gained brand new allies.

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