With the The Anti Mang Cobra Assusiation's attempt to demand imperial chinese empire to arrest Mang for what he's done, and have him publicly exicuted backfired thanks the Louge, Tyro, Aqua, Terra, Ven and Saldaron playing his contribution, Mung Cu is angry at Angus's overcomident stupidity and desides that the best way Mang should be punish is with a taste of his own medience. He was able to find a meddailian in simular creation and context of Mang's meddailian, becomes an armed serpent like Cobra, forces Angus to back down as leader, and challnges Mang to a duel to finally see the justice and revenge he has been denied for too long, but our heroes work as well as Saldaron's to punish Mung Cu, the real criminal as well as making the A.M.C.A another disdent villain memory of the past. Boy is Mung Cu in for a big surprise when he and his seeking-justice on Mang organization meets both meet their end when the "meddalian" he thought had the power to help him punish Mang was really a fake and the real one is out of Mung Cu's reach. Now he and the A.M.C.A are on the verge of being history.

(Uncanon Seqeul to The Anti Mang Cobra Assuisation.)