The CMCs of Equestria discover that they might need to bring their CMC skills to the ultimate heroic test. They discover that the same group of fillies are appearing with different cutie marks, and ultimately discover that they are the same fillies that are actually being manipulated by an evil hippogriff named The Cutie Marker, who has the impossible ability to change ponies' cutie marks and easily manipulate their skills. He even mysteriously has the power to grant them before it's time, a spell thought to be impossible. Being a descendant of the communist cutie-mark-stealing tyrant Beak-Buck, he has honored his legacy by being the first to manipulate, grant, and take away cutie marks with ease. The CMC decide to help the orphans, but the Cutie Marker catches them and robs them of their cutie marks, keeping them as a souvenir as their cutie marks are legendary. Without their marks, the CMCs are unable to do their jobs, and start to regress to their want of cutie marks again. So with them being locked up and unable to escape, they need to find a way to convince the orphans that they're being used, and get their cutie marks back before Cutie Marker makes cutie-slaves out of all the people of Equestria. Meanwhile, the Lodgers are called by the Mane Seven to find the CMCs, but to no prevail as Cutie Marker's hideout is cleverly-secluded.


Coming soon...

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