Well Spyro and Company have returned to the Lox Hex, but they all know that the Deadly Six are going to be waiting fsince they coming for the mane 5 and save Nafarious' tin-can butt since he casued all this in the beginning. But since Team Nefarious is now under their iron rule and Zavok is one step a head of them, they send some members of the six and a massive squadren of Hornets and Nefarious troopers to intercept Spyro's group untill the mane 5 are under his controll and fire up the life sucking machine for another homeworld of the Lougers. Can Spyro and Company survive the ambush and get to the mane 5 before their corruption is complete. And what little can they do since their friends are still missing? About time for a certain blue blur to make the scene.

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