Well, Sonic the Hedgehog has joined Spyro's group and he has brought with him not only his buddy Tails but also Knuckles the Echidna. Hey, Sonic and Tails may be the stars of their previous games but Knuckles isent gonna let those two have all the fun without him and Spyro and Company have all of the help they can get and wont worry about the other lougers for a while. But the six are dangerously close to completing their goal and have finally put the mane 5 under their conterol and to make matters worse, Zavok has allready turned the Team Nefarious members against their former boss cause Zavok has convinced them that Nefarious had wasted their time on his attempts to get rid of the leage, the members taking his abuse for the last time and claims that he'll be a greater leader then Nevarious 10 times. It seems that a new taken seriously Dragon Army like villain team is born, one that will not make the same mistakes both the overconfidant leaders did: The Leauge of the Deadly Six. When Spyro and company prepare for the biggest showdown of their lives, who will be left standing? Who will be victorious? But threat not, Spyro already has a plan to make sure the birth of a new villain team is not the same as the darkest hour of the universe, and Sonic and friends are gonna make sure of that. But an old time controlling 'foe' of the lougers who has sensed that the Six have more potential then a certain dragon-demon he once served has no intention of letting Spyro's plan to make another villain team like the past ones before it suffer their same fate.

Zavok: The Era of Great Team Nefarious has ended. Our time has finally come. The Entire Universe will hear my warning: The Reign of the Deadly Six will soon begin and we will purge all of the worlds of any hero who will oppose us.

(Remember Tman, this is uncanon. Team Nefarious is still around and about in the canon series.)

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