During his time as as the Dragon Realms Senitor before  Dormantron, Hoofersheen, and Skaling Law messed it all up badly by launching the Formonding Saga, Spyro had plan to create and pass out a law that protects Indepentent good Magical Creatures and Dragons of Equestria form Pred and his prejudical ways which he calls "The Dragon and Non-Pony Creature's Rights". The law prevents Dragons and Non Ponys who are innocent from being hunted and droved out of Equestria by Pred and his family and targets them as fair game, but the passing of the law had to be postboned due to Grozar's release and aduction of Kairi and Spongebob. But now many countless cannon and uncannon episodes and seasons later, with Pred, the Sisters, and Hidden Shadow as well as Zred still in the monestary making good progress thanks to Mang, Tyro, Aqua, Ven, Terra and Teen Mang's efforts, Baku making a good recovery from his madness while still serving his 1 year time of physical therapy and 24 hours of community survice as well as the evil, sins and crime as well as the very existance of Malevolent Flames gone thanks to the nations own elements of harmony being forged, Spyro intents to finnish his hard work of gaving good dragons and non-pony creatures everywhere the right to live in Equestria by asking Qui to pass out the The Dragon and Non-Pony Creature's Rights Law incase another slayer gets the same idea Pred once had. However, the forces of Xenophobia had one last desperate trick: in the form of Equestian Ambassitor Senator, Senator Non-Forgiveness, an old, scarred, Unicorn Male that was victimised by Malvolent Flames, and dispises Dragons, and hates non-pony creatures because a Centaur slaver raid murdered his family. He back-lashes Qui into not passing the law, so Non-Forgiveness can unleash his magic-created army of Mythical Creature and Dragon killing Stone Warriors. If Pred won't rid of him of those creatures, he'll do it himself. But Saldaron has no intention of letting another victim of Malvolent Flames' madness and xenophobia cheat their way to hurting lives by erasing the evil Dragon from Non-Forgiveness's memory and rendering the Stone Warriors and his desire to threaten innocent Mythical Creatures and Dragons a paradox while Spyro asks for Tyro and his friends' help with bringing NF to the light and show him that there's more to life then letting Xenophobia making him it's bitch, lashing at Qui, and planning to avenge his late family by threatening innocent Dragon and Non Pony Creature lives now paradox rendered stone warriors. A new-found viewing on life awaits for Non-Forgivness who will change his name to Senator Forgivness.