Tyranny is back and he's made a deal to a mysterious annumimous benufacter to bring him Tai and each of the elements of peace and harmony ponys in exchange for revenge on Twilight for the events of The Elements of Peace. Each of the member of the mane 6, Lighting's group and some of the lougers begin disappearing which was part of the benufactor's plan to lure Tai and Twilight to him because he after both Tai's mysterious lucky charm tooth and Twilight's crown to turn the other elements of harmony and peace into Hell's own "Elements of Sin." Can Twilight Spyro and Company discover the benefactor's true intentions with Tyranny and what do they want with both Tai's Lucky Charm and Twilight's Crown to create Hell's own elements. However, both Tyranny and this "Benufactor" would soon discover powers of great pureness that were meant to destroy evil are not things that get corrupted that easily thanks to a powerful and hidden secret within the elements, and thus, things would start to sour between Tyranny and the Benufactor, giving our heroes plently of time to break up this hellish team-up.

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