Spyro is sick of Ke-Pa and his stupid Villain Team dispite the fact he has a time wizard preventing Saldoron from rendering the villain team as a paradox and desides to destory the Dragon's army his way to avange the Zodiac (Unaware that they have Survived Ke-pa's attack thanks to Saldaron's friend Taldaron the Cheshire Fox). Spyro figured that Ke-pa alone is the real true threat and that  Mike Foulcheeserson, Derek Glidester, Dr. Marz, Meng Hong Kung and the Thiefs of China's worse, Mr. Knife, El Amazeso, Commander Sting'n Bite, Senor Larry and Le Fifi, Jerky, Looger, Bonebreaker, Dead-Eye Monroe and the Turkey Neck Bros, Manfred Duck and his uncle Ying Yin, Conway Bumkis, Maximillion, Xerxes, Peyton, Khan Fum, Su Su Ka Boom, Goldious Maximus, Lord Toss and Tort, Haywire, Bad Luck Tiger, Xandronian, Minister Poo-Poo, Brother Clod, Emperor Destruction, Zhange Wao, Al Baldwin Eagle, Queen B., Slimekur, Oozewall, Latifier, Raeka Sweetcheeks, Batula, former adviser Margret, Su Xu Quio and her henchmen Hosei and El Bitey, The Mind Adjuster, Piggy and Bacon McPork, The Extremest, the Stinky Fists gang, Tod McTrain, Destructiconious, Jling Sling and Le Jaq would be lost without him and Spyro defeated Ke-pa a bunch of times, he is intend on destroying him for good and send the members of the Dragon army a message to eaither dispan or wish they'd never follow Ke-pa at all! But when the louge discover that Time Overlord needs to be delt with first since his magic is the reason Saldoron is being blocked from rendering the villain team as a paradox at every turn before Spyro can confront Ke-pa again, can they find someone who knows how both the Time Overlord's mind and magic works? And what if Ke-Pa mentally predicts Spyro's over-determined nature to drive him to extremes, and the threats apawn Time Overlord, and intents to use Spyro's over-comidence against him and all of his foes by using Kairi as Spyro's achilles' heel.