Ke-pa has kidnapped Kairi and uses her to lure and bait Spyro and the rest of his enemies: Po, the Furious Five, Shifu, Tyro, Aqua, Terra, Mang, Ventus and the Kung Fu Council into a challange that will permanently settle the conflict between the Shell Louge Squad and the Dragon Army once and for all. If Spyro wins, Ke-pa will let Kairi go, dispan the oc villain members of his army so the louge can send them to Prison 42 in exhange of sparing Time Overlord but Ke-pa will have to answer for his crimes and the murder of the Zodiac. However, if Ke-pa wins, he will have Spyro for himself and harvest his powers and darkness for Kung Khan to summon his demon breathern and the chinese darkspawn to rule the United Universe. But just as Ke-pa was gaining the upper hand, a miracle appears in the form of the now alive Zodiac and Taldaron with another time wizard who's equally powerful then Time Overloard and an army of others who hate Ke-pa as much as Spyro dose lead by Zi Long. This final showdown is about to get unpleasent and very messy.