Set after the events of Equestria Gets Arpeggioed and the Four Part False Path of Peace episode, with Nega-Zeus still convinced to protact the Villain Teams even when the Lougers LONG embraced to stay clear of the Pathway of Peace, even more so now that it's basicly a broken Great Cycle-eqse doomsday, Dr. Eggman has gotten tired of playing Nega-Zeus's game and his ambitions and plans for the Guild of Thunder, decides to stage a villain team mutiny and leads a coup made out of Grunty, Prophet of Truth, Merasmus and Panther King against the God of War Zeus and drains drains the evil of Pandora's box out of his body using the power of the seven Chaos Emeralds and forces the now weakened Nega-Zeus to flee. However, such a trick won't be so directly easy, outside of Nega-Zeus' unigmaginable power and known tendingcy not to give up quickly, or at all. With only Arpeggio the only actual loyalst, and a powerful one at that thanks to his machines and private Toucan henchmen army, Eggman has his work cut out especially when the Lougers come to help Nega-Zeus and Arpeggio out.

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