Based on a Fan-MLPFIM video called "Snowdrop", but with ALOT of differneces.

In it, the Lougers learned that the reason ponies enjoyed winter was because of a little filly named Snowy. the last of her snowflakes of joy has reached it's end. Now, Spyro, Kairi and a selected group of lougers are to seek out the lost plans to make new Snowy made snowflakes. However, a snowflake indistry in cloudsdale and it's CEO Corpbrate Sell-out disires those original plans to make them money for all winters to come. But when Kairi ask Twilight to summon Jack Frost in helping to create the new snowy snowflakes since the original creater Snowy has been long pass from time. Can our heroes outfox Corpbrate greed and protect what made winter great. Who will win?

(I have a perfect song for this episode