In this sequel to The Seas of Captain Legend Saga season 2 pilot, Spyro, Kairi, Sparx, Cynder, Riku, and the Nicktoons go on a cruise ship inviting the Mane 6, Spike, The Cutie Mark Crusaiders, Taiku, Alice, The Magic University Gang, Gilda and Trixie to celebrate their victory after the ultimate defeat and despansion of the Dragon Army with Ke-pa complety destroyed for good, Kung Khan escaped with Su su Ka-boom and Queen Throx, while The Time Overlord inprisoned forever by Father Time and Time God and the Dragon Army's oc villainy is back in Prison 42 where they belonged. But then Pitch Black conjures a hurricane cataclysm with a storm from Lord Cobra's old spell book that drives Spyro's group overboard and into the sea again in a life boat. After crossing the ocean, Spyro and friends end up marooned in a tropical paradise that is ocupied by Captain Blot and his Crew who are still on Spyro and Kairi's good side as well as living the pirate's life, sailing the high seas, battling rival pirates, and discovering treasure in lost new worlds. But Spyro, Kairi and firends are about to discover that their new tropical island turf is not as deserted as it seems which sets in motion a new adventure involving a legendary Staff that gives anyone the power to control the seas and bend its will to the user and Blot wants it to serve as a gift to the lougers sense he heard they have a habit to place items of power in their basement incase they may need them to tip the odds of them battling future villain threats in their favor. However, they ain't the only ones interested in that staff. An imfamous Pirate Captain named Teaklaw, an ignorent man claiming to be a desentent of Tailklar, but clearly nothing more then just a crazed fanatic with an army of robot pirates, that want the staff so he can get all the underwater treasure trapped in destroyed pirate ships of old, not to mention a rival of Blot and his crew, because they know Taiklar never had a family, or had any known modern realtives that would justify and brought this loon into this world.