Well, things are about to get ugly for Spyro and Company as well as Blot and his Crew because Teaklaw's plan for the Great Staff of the Sea and ignorence has back fired on him. How is it possible? There is another infamous Pirate Captain who is after the Staff for his own ambitions. And that Pirate is the captain of the cursed infamous legendary Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones, who reveals that Teaklaw is a lying fraud who is not a desentent of Tailklar (even though the gang were already aware from the start thanks to Blot and his crew) but well known by his great, great grandfather who once was a part of his crew untill Taiklar marooned him on the same island our heroes are on now as punishment for attempted mutiny on him as well as Black Beard the Pirate himself. That would explain why Teaklaw went around telling everyone that he is a realitive to Taiklar. As an insult to injury, Jones makes Teaklaw a member of the Dutchman's Crew forever while feeding his robot pirate crew to his pet, The Kraken (Pirates of the Caribbean verson) leaving Spyro and company to face Jones and the Dutchman crew who gives them a choice to either forsake the staff or be sent to the locker. But when things look bleak for our heroes, Jack Sparrow arrives to save the day. Although, Jack's crude outlook on life will take some adjustments to get used to, for doing so means helping our heroes find the staff and avoid the wrath of Davy Jones and the dutchman crew.