With Mirage back and resumes her old place as the Leage's leader since Pitch did a good job in her absence, she plans to only become the new Darkspawn master. But the synicate has differnet ideas. To think that Mang's betrayal, Xehanort's treachery and the cycle would've been the end of the princess bis. The Syndicate are developing a super weapon to restore the link to the banished realms that was thought to be destroyed forever. However, Mirage, who was already disatisfyed that the leage would even relay on another villain team to thrive to begin with, feels disrespected by this. Mirage does care for her father, but Mirage believes it's pointless to make a dead horse walk. Mirage ended the Villain Leage/Syndicate allience forever, with no complaints from the leage surprisingly, even Pitch obeyed without hestitation. However, the Syndicate did not like being forsaken oh so easily. the Syndicate sworn to destroy the leage and congure the worlds themselfs! Mirage welcomes the new challnage in her path to become the new Darkspawn overlord.