Ratchet and Clank discover that there is another Lombax in their universe. However, he was accidentally brought in after the quantum shockwave caused by Alister Azimuth when he almost destroyed the Great Clock caused him to get sucked through the multiverse all the way back to the UUniverses. Since then, this Lombax, named Axton Locke, a scientific genius in the Lombax Praetorian Guard in the Lombax dimension, has been stranded back in this world, has served as a bounty hunter whom everyone thinks is Azimuth. As a result of this rumor, The Anti-Team Nefarious Freedom Fighters try and find the lost Lombax. However, this Lombax is actually very difficult to capture, even for Dr. Nefarious, who wishes to use this new Lombax arrival to find a way to the Lombax dimension and use it for his own nefarious purposes. Eventually, with the help of the Lodge, they find Axton, learn of how he ended up back in the R&C Universe, as he discovered that not only is Tachyon long-defeated, and exile Azimuth is dead after he tried to use the Great Clock to undo his mistake, yet sacrificed himself to stop the consequences of such actions, but the son of the Keeper of the Dimensionator is still alive and a well-recognized hero. And strangely enough, the two become friends, and Axton teaches Ratchet about Lombax skills and technology, and Ratchet introduces Axton to Electross and Axton himself is surprised that a Cragmite would actually have compassion after they were defeated eons ago during the Great War. When Electross offers a Dimensionator so he can return home, Team Nefarious comes in and swipes it. Unfortunately, the Freedom Fighters' failed battle to get the Dimensionator back ends up with it broken due to MORE than just a missing 3-and-3 cubic hexagonal washer. This fortunately gives the heroes enough time to get it back before Nefarious can use it to go to the Lombax dimension. Will they succeed?

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