With the Simuleted nightmare shut down, it became a huge disaster waiting to happen. SGD And the Amoral Council discover there traitors who caused it to happen in the form of the Suprime Parental Units. Outraged that his own parents are plotting against him, SGD sends drones after the louge while the Amporal Council brand the Suprime Parental Units chriminals and tratiors to the Amoral Empire. Knowing that the louge, Kairi and their friends are in danger, Suprime Parental Units deside to allow themselfs to be caputred to keep our heroes safe and send them on their way to find Spyro and Spongebob as well as planning a way to confront SGD though they are now fugitives. Boy just when you tought the Amoral nightmare couldent get anyworse, our heroes are now on the run from a deluded universal machine controlled empire. On a positive side, Spyro and Spongebob escaped from SGD's grasp and do what they can to rejoin their friends. Now all of the Amoral are corrupted by their own programing and obcession.... This reforming the Amoral thing is gonna be a freaking tall order, is it?

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