Gleeman Vox was known to be the corrupt media mogul responsible for DreadZone, enslaving heroes into competing in this gladiator game show. However, since Ratchet and Clank defeated him and left him to be destroyed, DreadZone was renewed with a much more merciful method of broadcasting, thanks to Gleeman's brother, Reuben Vox, who, instead of enslaving heroes, hires voluntary fighters of their own choice to compete in DreadZone. Reuben has always hated his brother because of his choice in life, and, because he saw some good potential in DreadZone, he took over and repurposed and rebranded the game show to have an equal profit, though still holds the tournaments inside the Shadow Sector because it's a sector where gladiator combat seems to be quite free. Ratchet and Clank come by to investigate to see if anything is going wrong. But they eventually discover that another former game show host has overthrown him. This alien is Jimmy Neutron's old enemy, Meldar Prime. After he faced extreme punishment by the Galactic Federation for his crimes of astro-terrorism and genocide for amusement, he has escaped and is now taking over DreadZone, finding a new method of entertainment, hoping to bring DreadZone back to the way Gleeman made it, has captured the real Reuben, and is now posing as him to bring back his former glory in DreadZone, killing people in another way. When they free Reuben, they learn that Meldar was threatening his home planet, not exactly by destroying it as he was warned that he would be executed by a self-destruction chip in his robotic body if he should repeat the offense, but by giving it to the Nickelodeon Scourge for enslavement. They would kill his family if Reuben didn't give DreadZone to him. The Freedom Fighters call the Shell Lodge, and they call in the Nicktoons after they, especially Jumba, recognize Meldar. Now they must defeat Meldar and get the new DreadZone back to it's rightful owner.

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