Since the episodes, The forgotten princess of Radient Garden, and The rebirth of Mirage. Kairi wondered if her elder sister, Sari Mai aka The "New" Mirage ever had a human form and thought of these following questions. Was she really destined to be alternate Nobody doppleganger of Mirage should the original "Mirage" fall and the Mask of Baset be seperated from her? Why is she so jealious of Kairi getting the attention and the ability to rule the kingdom? Who is Kairi's 'real' elder sister? So Kairi desides to visit the Chronicler, with Spyro and Sparx tagging along to get the answers and solve the riddle of Sari's exsistance and dose she actually have an elder sibling for herself. However, she might not be happy with the answer she was seeking, but would soon regret learning, cause Sari was more then a Mirage back-up clone plan, Sari was basicly, the disgrace of Radient Garden and unintentionally respondsable for an eturnal winter/ice age that almost destroyed the kingdom, causing Radient Garden's grand duke Grand Duke Larsozon to be driven mad and become corrupt in a sytile where he began to hate the Radient Garden goverment system and sought to usurp it, and and not to mention almost allowing a Winter Darkspawn to be the one who destroys radient garden before certain events and was almost the one who caused the second Cartoonian war, but both Larsozon and that Winter Darkspawn were stopped in their tracks by Tyro and his friends with Shen and the Celestial sisters' help to expose Larsozon's intentions thus branding him a traitor to the Radiant Garden Government and arrested for high treason, plotting against Aaron and Kanji, abusing his position as Radiant Garden's Grand Duke and conspiracy though Sari sadly fled into exile before Tyro could change her heart for the better and both the king and queen were about to apologize in the end which eventually lead to the Mirage back up plan and the two cannon episodes.

(Somewhat a dark verson of that new disney film Frozen.)

(My Replay: I see your desideing to use some elements from Disney's new movie huh, Scroop? And Speaking of Frozen, in my Devilant art series, Kairi will have a childhood relationship with the new Disney movie's leading 'sisterly' ladies, Anna and Elsa.)

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