With the The Banished Realms Connection Necklace destroyed, Malefor's plans to return using Lighting Dust derailed by Spyro and Rainbow Dash and the High Council putting the finnishing touches on their new reincarnation spell, Dr Cockroach desides to create a living replica of Daisy Beds with a bone he, Link and B.o.b dug from her grave hoping that the Daisy Beds Clone will put an end to Lightings grif and make any villain who gets any ideas of use greiving ponies as their tools for conquest think twist. So the monsters have sucessfuly produced a living Daisy clone thus Daisy Bedstwo is born.  However, Tightbuttwad heard of this and finds serious problems with it in turns of the clone. He has complants that it's not naterol, and has earned the favor of the Canterlot council to ensure this will have a higher chance of him being able to force Celestia to have the clone convinstated as illegal expearimentation, cause appearently, there's a law against bio-engeneered clones.

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