Thanks to Tightbuttwad's jerkheaded conflict, Daisy Bedstwo has run away and Lighting Dust's anger is out of control. She starts beating the living heck outta Tightbuttward for causing the whole complants rendering even the Canterlot Council in fear. Rainbow Dash and Celestia tried to reason with her but it wasent long before things begin to get out of hand or in this chase hoof. Now their's only way to end the mess Tightbuttward had created, The High Council's reincarnation spell to bring the real Daisy Beds back from the dead, but Daisytwo needs to be found and Lightning Dust's retaliation on Tightbuttward has to be taken care of first. And they have to hurry, cause Dust will get herself arrested by the Galactic Federation for assulting a member of the Galactic court and our heroes only hope now is haste. The question now is: Will they find Dasiytwo and suspend Dust's arrest in time?

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