Though the lougers cure Gaz from his darkness thus giving Cynder her brother back, Saldaron was unable to create another villain team paradox that would've prevented the Dragon's Army from becoming a periment threat to the united universe back in New Villain Team on the block, thanks to another Time Wizard named Time Overlord (a canon villain for the original wiki and series), Ke-Pa's new adviser. cause of this, Ke-Pa and the Dragon's Army was able to free Ke-Pa's master Kung Khan. while skectical of the idea of having mortals at your side, is please that Ke-Pa managed to redeem himself to him. However the Dragon's army are unaware of the Villain Leage's attempts to control time in the Spyro generations Episodes, messing with time equils dangerious swirling vortaxes that'll suck everything. To make matters worse Time overlord has betrayed Ke-pa and Kung Kang and destroys the Dargon's Army forever by planing to altertime and make the United Universe his doman under his image. (although in tecnecly, it's uncanon because of three things: One, unlike Time Master, Time Overlord is ALOT more loyal to the villain team he came across because Time Overlord isn't an insane radical. 2: there was no paradox to begn with, because it makes no sense for the shirly things to attack because no time stream was altered. Saldoron was the one trying to change, and Time Overlord prevented, and has the same time of anti-paradox magic that allows Time Overlord to change time all he wants and no paradox happens, and 3, You have your darkness sydnicate, I have the dragon's army, and unlike the villain teams you runied before it for me, i intent the dragon's army to stay for as long as I WANT IT TO!) So Spyro has to fix another time mess up and allow the Dragon's army to exist. The louge may loose a battle to keep another villain team threat from rising and both Ke-pa and Kung Khan have to mercefully punished Time Overlord for his treachery in the end but they still have one conselation prize: A villain team that is here to stay for now.