During one of Phil's really intense training sessions, Tai and Agumon discover an abandon gold mine while getting lost from the group  and become extreamly rich from it! Now Agumon and Tai are very popular in the gold mining industry, and a favorite of celeberites and the wealthest people in the UU. However, Tai and Agumon has also attaracted gold seeking attention from not only Mr. Krabs who have dragged  Spongebob, Danny, Timmy and Jimmy on yet another one of his greed satisfying shenanigans but also the return of  Gold Tycoon Racoony Goldsmen who wants to make a business partnership with Tai. Tai who couldent resist the offer accepts, and is getting more then he bargained for in the deal in the partnership when Raccoony plans to make a new town and a theme park resort in Tai's honor in the swamps of the dragon realms.