Since losing the Leage and Pitch's leadership to Mirage returning to the helm, The Syndicate have cursed Mirage for taking away the best thing that ever happened to them as well as the producer for bringing her back and have declaired all-out war on Mirage and establish a trinity villain team allience to join them, The Dark Dragon Scourge Empire reluctantly accept along with the Spyro and Kairi Vengence Seeking Dragon Army due to the late Ke-Pa's failed attempts to unite villain teams. I hope Mirage expects graphic bloodshed in her quest to become the new Darkspawn overlord because this villain team trinity's going to war with her! The Lougers, Kairi and their Allies now have to do something about this before the brutal conflicts get out of hand while Pitch and the Villain Leage council, dispite of admiting that Mirage may had been going to far, still need to protact her from these radicals. This even forces Mirage to, relucently, break out Dr. Nefarious and Lawerence and all the members of Team Nefarious that, in exchanged for offitcal villain leage protaction of being disbanned again, by either louger or even enraged villain team, offers Mirage a way to create an invention to make the Syndicate, the Venenage seekers, and the scougre imperials hate EACHOTHER even more then Mirage! Dr. Nefarious, actselly likes the way his niece thinks, mainly because that, while Mirage still has loyalty to Malefor, she accepted that it's declared helpless to help him as of now and forever, even now feels a sadness for him too. Nefarious makes the machine. Even the lougers, relucently, decide to help the leage and the newly protacted Team Nefarious, because, hey, let's face it, the Syndicate, the Vengence Seekers, and the Scougre Imperials are the ones going WAY to far here, even more then Mirage's sudden disinterest of the same old "Bring back Malefor" bis.

This is what The Digimon Emperor (The Syndicate of Darkness's Leader), The Dark Dragon and Kung Khan will sing