Here is a remake of the 2 part pilot of the Spongebob and Friends Chronicles Season 2. Spyro desides to take Kairi to Destiny Islands for their Brother/Sister Anniversary with Sparx, Cynder, Riku, Twilight and her friends tagging along. But a furious storm created by Lord Cobra's magic sets them adrift in the Atlantic Ocean and right into an epic journey at sea while Icky's family shows up at the Dragon Temple and ask the Shell Lodge Squad to watch over his annoying grandmother, Granny Gricky while they go on an all expenses paid cruise, however a change of plans take them on a vacation to see how Icky works as a Lodger. Meanwhile, things take a turn for the worst when Spyro's group along with Tavin Tanner the Tasmanian Tiger (Who was cast out to sea while snorkling in Australia's Great Barrier Reef during the time of the Hurricane) and Jake the Kangaroo Rat get captured by a group of ruthless animal and mythical creature pirates led by a ruthless ape named Captain Blot, who plan to make the group a part of his crew while Riku falls head over heals for Blot's first-mate, Vanessa and meet a bat named Edward Koda who has a past reguarding Batty and Fidget. Pluse Fluttershy develops an interest of exploring the world underwater and encounter exotic sea creatures, and Tavin is about to be catapulted to places no restored Tasmanian Tiger has gone before.

(Tman: To Scroop, I'm gonna have the Villain Leage be the real big bads of my remake version of part 2. In the ending of this I'm going to have Blot almost despose of Riku, Cynder, Trixie, Gilda and the Ponies by making them walk the plank. But Spyro's group escape after Spyro's first duel with Blot with Riku and Rainbow Dash freed and untying the others which cause the ship to sink. Ps: I'll keep Fluttershy becoming a merpony though)