The Second Grand Designer is the second creater of the united universes and is the eldest brother of the Original Grand Designer. Like Grand Designer 1, SGD was part of a super intelligent races of machinces called "The Amoral", machinces capable of creating universes and worlds. While grand disigner was respondsable of creating the idea of the endless struggles of good and evil, Second Grand Desginer was responsbile for looking after all that was lost during the endless battle between darkness and light and those who werent up to the challenge of becoming a hero or a villain and just disappeared into extinction. When the lougers reformed his brother, he desides to take drastic messures to finnish his brother's work back when he was evil, disband the lougers by destroying both Spongebob and Spyro and alter all of the universe to his personal liking. He easily defeats Grand Desinger, the lougers and all who fought with or agaisnt them, takes Spongebob, GD and Spyro prisoners and sends the lougers, their friends and enemies to a simulated version of the entire United Universes while he alters the real one in his persional image of his Amoral Empire. He two is a victim of his own programing and personal obcession and needs to see the light on this.

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