Sequel to Seige to Equestia.

Kafar's defeat in Equestria was terribly unfortunate, The remains of the Diamond Dog army have abandoned him, he's lost control of the Equestian Cerberious and The Louge have given him the boot which taught him the price for taking Equestria was way too high. But Kafar's for his attempt to take Equestria caught the attention of Regreat. He teams with Kafar, gives him the power to control the heartless and his eye is set on a new prize as well as Regreat's: Both Radiant Garden and Kairi. But alchorse, this has ineditably once again brought Louger attention, and the additional misfortune from Mang, Teen Mang, Tyro and the Birth by Sleep Crew aka the new Jade Palace Masters.

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