Set after the Dragon Army's perminent Cannon Defeat, Cynder is visited by an old figure from her and Cynder's past, Dalion the Avenger, a former high council captain and guardian of the Darkspawn Relics, until the day Dark Cynder, Cobra and villain leage long before the lougers started their adventures and Spyro was still in hiding took most of the relleics, killed everyone Dalion ever knew and loved and left him for dead. Dalion still has resent for Cynder and Mang after what has happened to him, and soughted to come after her first with freaky wraith powers. Lord Shen bravely stands up to Dalion and challnages him into a duel of blades. But problem is that Dalion's quest for vengence is aidded by a powerufl undying spirit, a wraith, and he has the power to contoll all villainy and bend them to his will... Not that it actselly would help Dilion, cause Shen is wearing anti-process armor that he made himself to prevent himself from getting easily processed. Shen, while understood that Dalion was a victim of a terrorable tragity, Shen is not gonna stand by and let some vengeful spirit-beast harm those he cares for just so personal vengence would be satisfived.

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