Dalion has been climaticly defeated by Shen when her poorly underestimated Shen's protactions against his wraith powers and was made to look like a fool. His willingness to harm Cynder and Shen made him look like a traitor to the High Council, and has made him wanted to be banished into Kingdom Hearts! Now, Dalion has declaired venence against the High Council for protacting the one who ruined his life, he successfully usurps a thug boss of a near leagon of thugs, and orders them to attack the High Council for revenge! However, Dalion's unpure path for revenge is gonna be ended before it starts when Cynder and Shen deside to put this fallen hero out of his misery for good before he ends up a worse threat then ANY Darkspawn! A bit too dark to send a once great ally to the High council to rest, huh? But then again, his embraceiveness for dark wraith powers had destroyed what little ounce of "Good" he had left.

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