The trinity war had been a disaster, The Syndicate have been disbanded and forced to join the leage after holding up their white flags due to the capture of the Digimon Emperor, The Scourge Impereals have sworn alligence and forgeness to Mirage and the leage while she and Dr. Nefarious have gotten closer, the Vengence seekers including King Sombra and the crystal five (after forgiving Mirage for extreamly leaving the leage) have turn on Kung Khan and joined the leage (in Throx's case, she was already a member, she was doing an ambassitor job for the leage and was the reason why the leagers were onto Kung Khan.) and to top it all off, Ke-pa is back. Turns out, Ironicly thanks to the peach tree, Ke-Pa now has not just immortally as a side effect, but the ability to become stronger, and stronger after every battle. and the last battle, made him stronger then Kung Khan. Ke-pa destroys his former master, and became the new King of the Underworld. And as if Ke-Pa's return and the other events were bad enough, there was more worse coming. Throx offered Ke-pa to make an allience with the leage due to Mirage's interest of the demons of the chinese underworld and Ke-Pa's incredable power. Ke-Pa reluctantly accepts now that his Dragon Army which is now called the Spyro and Kairi Vengence seekers have joined the leage, he now has only one goal in mind, the distruction of Spyro and Po.