Halloween has come to the UUniverses once again, and the Lodgers along with Kairi are going to spend their halloween together since after that inciodent with Mimi and Zuhrontimon's Crown and The Digi-kids along with every child member of the louge with Kairi tagging along going trick-or-treating and the other adventure teams coming for the Louge's Halloween Party. But Loki has other plans and a scheme that will trick rather then treat Tai and his group this Halloween by turning him and Kari into...werewolfs thus attracting the attention of a coven of teenage vampires lead by Scarlett Ravensblood and an Asgardian Werewolf Hunter. But countary of what you would think, neither the teens or even the hunter have intentions to harm the two werewolfised Digi Kids, thanks to Thor and the High Council, and their real target is Loki cause he persists on being a pest to the lougers when they have more impourent things to do then clean up his chaotic messes, but hey, it is Halloween. Tis the season to be grim, haunting and scary.

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