Canada Day sequel to both Lord Shens 4th of July Problems & A Sombaring Dragon Army.  Canada Day, Tman's Country's 1st of July Birthday is coming, which convinently happens to be a holiday that practicly worshipped Fireworks. Lord Shen feels proud that his parents creation have greatly influenced the culture of another. the 4th of July easily becomes a fav to Shen reguardless of Chinese origin because of firework usage. Shen always supplies the best fireworks of the annual "Dragon Realms Firework Festival" which is going to be held in Radiant Garden this year, inviting the Equestrian group The Kung Fu Council, Tyro and The New Jade Palace Masters  while Cadence, Queen Heavenslight and King Nightus have put Pred, the Sisters, Hidden Shadow, Headmaster Shineflare, Councilpony Glitterhair, Councilpony Cosmoto, Councilpony Cometelius, Councilpony Utopius, Councilpony Whimsisco, and Councilpony Violet Flame and even Zred under heavy surveillance to prevent them from repeating certain events in the past reguardless of them being still recovering from their xenohobic and misguided ways. However Kung Khan, Su Su, Queen Throx, King Sombra and the Crystal Five (Who also escaped but went into hidding on the day Spyro and Kairi destroyed Ke-Pa back The Fall of the Dragon Army Part 2 but have return to join the Elite Spyro and Kairi Vengence Seekers in the end of The Spyro and Kairi Vengence Seeking Dragon Army Strike Back.... rather poorly then they hoped.) have happen upon the same idea Pred once had when he tried to destroy Celestia's trust and faith in United Universeal relations and forever bans ANY universeal being from ever entering Equestia again by  sabotoshing Shen's fireworks for one of them to "Accsidently" hurt one of the Mane 6 (Twilight most of all) which almost worked untill Saldaron, Discord and Black Kat stuck their noses into his attempt which got him, the sister and the Canterlot Council in trouble with Queen Heavenslight and King Nightus. This time the SAKVSDA have planned to rig Shen's fireworks to fataly hurt/kill Spyro and Kairi in hopes that they will finally avenge Ke-Pa's death and forever ban fireworks, Canada Day, The 4th of July and any holiday involving fireworks as a bonus.... However, thanks to Saldoron, Discord and Black Kat being crafty sneaks in Spyro and Kairi's favor, the only ones getting hurt are both Kung Khan's pride and King Sombra's.... even more then already.